This my my personal website, to introduce myself and write a blog about my experience.

I'm working as Software Developer, mostly on contract basis. Love to work on Web Applications as a backend developer using Python/Django Framework.
Started to learn programming in 2005, when I was 11 years old, like to learn new things and develop myself as a Developer.
Moved to Turkey in 2012 for University (Computer Engineering BSCE) and started working as a part time developer in startup (2013) to get practical experience.
Had experience with many languages (PHP, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Rust, JavaScript and etc.) and frameworks (Django, DRF, Symfony, Backbonejs, Rails).

I like to make contributions to Free & Open Source Software project in my free time.
My involvement started back in Azerbaijan, we founded Azerbaijan Open Source Network in Baku and had seminars mostly for journalists on benefits of using free software
Later we established Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) in Baku and I started to help in l10n for Ubuntu OS, my launchpad profile
Next I started to help localization of Mozilla Firefox and then most of the Mozilla projects and we made Mozilla Azerbaijan team to maintain projects. Later I became Mozilla Rep (Representative) and since then helping Mozilla as a volunteer. Mozilla community is awesome to work with.
Today I'm helping to such projects with code patches and l10n and was involved in tons of free software projects. Now it is my hobby.

For more information about me, check my Linkedin and Github profile.
And feel free to contact me :)