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Nearly 6 month ago I bought my domain for making my personal blog.

Me in ITUGNU clubAfter buying domain I just redirected it to my university web page written in static html and had no time for making something useful as I have a lot of works in my job and lectures in my university.

Finally after 6 month, when semester in university enden I decided to make something little and start using it.

As hosting I'm using DigitalOcean as its easy to make droplets and configure it as you want. Just installed Django and Mezzanine framework, made some customizations and started blogging.

Best thing with Mezzanine, it is on Django/Python and works with Python 3.

So, what my readers can expect in my blog:

  • News about Mozilla and specially about Mozilla Azerbaijan Community
  • News about Ubuntu and specially about Ubuntu Community
  • News about Open Source projects
  • HowTo posts where I will explain interesting thing in programming and system administration
  • And may be something different - Its Personal Blog :D

As programming I love using Python, so I think post mostly will be about Python. I will use categories and tags, so you can easily find what you are interested in.

And I wish finally I will create my personal page like CV, but I'm not going to waste time for that now.

I wish my users will find something interesting and useful in my blog and I will be happy if it will really help someone, so waiting for your feedbacks.

Have a good time...

Emin Mastizada

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