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When you talk about open source, first thing that comes to mind is probably Github. It is an awesome "social network" for developers and hosts lots of projects. Also it makes working on team or open source projects a lot easier and have awesome integrations (Travis, Coveralls and so on). Github also provides service for open source for free and it is a rare case nowadays that a free service doesn't make you it's product.

Flask on Apache with mod_wsgi

Nowadays making a proxy from an nginx to a gunicorn socket running on supervisor or systemd makes things so easier that most of us even forgot how deployment was before. Recently I was asked to deploy a flask application on already working Apache2 instance. In this blog post I will describe steps and problems using mod_wsgi on Apache.

Date/Time Localization in Django (python-side)

There are two sides in localization in Django framework: Templates and Python-side.

Chunked-Encoded data error in php cURL requests

Few days ago we got a new problem, one part of our website stopped working, we used guzzle with Symfony2 to make requests to our RESTful API. After checking logs the only thing I could find was something like that:

How to disable some hotkeys in Ubuntu

I mostly don't use mouse, and doing everything from keyboard while working. But the most annoying thing is that while making something awesome in code editor or reading something good in firefox you can suddenly press Ctrl+Q (which exits from browser immidiatly without warnings) or Alt+F4 when you want to press Alt+F3. Everytime I loose time because of that hotkeys.