Mozilla Localization Hackathon in Istanbul


One of Localization Hackathons of Mozilla in 2015 was in Istanbul for Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Kazakh and Uzbek L10n teams. Francesco Lodolo (:flod) and Axel Hecht (:Pike) from Mozilla L10n attended event and told about Mozilla Projects, Release Schedule, Tools, Virtual Participation Circle and Instructed teams in hackathon.

While in hackathon svn users for web files switched to github, Axel and Francesco helped with that switch. For now there are few localization tools in Mozilla: Pootle, Verbatim (old Pootle version), Pontoon, HG and Github. Software Projects like Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox for Android, FirefoxOS and etc. are translated in Pootle. For web files teams can use Github, Verbatim or Pontoon. Turkish and Azerbaijani team switched to Pontoon for web files in Hackathon and will continue from there.

Virtual Participation Circle


Virtual Participation Circle - What you do for Mozilla and what Mozilla does for you. Participants told about their story in Mozilla and what Mozilla did for them. Axel told about value of contributions by l10n teams to Mozilla, importance of localization in Mozilla products and how people use them.





Mozilla Release Circle

Then Francesco told about release circle. New releases are coming every 6 week. Every l10n team have 6 weeks to finish translations, fix bugs, make tests and sign off. Its also recommended to sign off at least 1 week before release (in 5th week) so possible problems with locale can be solved in 1 week. We also had idea to make video conference every 3 weeks, first one to discuss where some string are used, as verb or as noun, so we can make a better translation, and second conference to discuss problems and bugs, check if everybody is ready for release.



All teams finished their work to be ready for Firefox 42 launch and also Francesco and Axel had one-to-one talk with each team about their team structure, how they manage localization team, about new localizers in team and which problems they have. After talk everybody filled survey form and we finished Hackathon. As always, last photo from event:

Mozilla L10n Hackathon Istanbul

More Photos: in Flickr

Mozilla L10n blog post (by :flod): Mozilla Turkic l10n Meet-up – Istanbul

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